Flood Lights

We offer best-in-class range of Flood Light Enclosures.

Reflex Flood Light

In areas where extreme brightness is desired, these emit strong beams of light. This light gets distributed evenly, leaving no dark areas.

They also consume significantly lower power for the same high brightness and output, especially cost effective in multiple arrays of power sources.

  • Color - 1 Color
  • Available - In Stock
  • Category - 3 Way Lighting
  • Shipping Area - All over the world


GS-SCF003-30W 30W 224 MM X 184 MM X 42 MM
GS-SCF003-50W 50W 228 MM X 222 MM X 42 MM
GS-SCF003-100W 100W 330 MM X 268 MM X 44 MM
GS-SCF003-150W 150W 395 MM X 306 MM X 43 MM